Frequently Asked Questions         



Do you make housecalls?
Absolutley. In fact, we do more business in homes, churches, etc. than we do in our shop. Call us and we'll explain how we charge.

I have an old organ I don't use, do you want it?
No, but do contact us if you have a:
- Hammond Model A, B, C, H, L, or RT
- Lowrey manufactured in the past 12 years
- Rodgers
- Allen
- Leslie Speaker

What do I do with my old organ if it isn't one of those?
Try Craigslist, eBay, or your local newspaper if you want to sell it. Craigslist also has an area for free items. Some thrift stores, retirement homes and small churches may be interested in acquiring your organ.

What if I can't find somebody to take my old organ ?
Nobody hates to hear of these old organs going to the dump more than us, but we understand that the supply outweighs the demand these days and it may be your last resort.

Do you work on vintage keyboards?

Yes! W e really enjoy working on older keyboards. They typically take longer to service than new ones, but we started this business before most of those keybaords existed and we know how they work..

Do you have the parts to repair old instruments?

We have an enormous inventory of old parts and as current members of M.I.T.A. (Musical Intrument Technicians Association) we are directly connected with other member's stock of parts across the world. It's very uncommon for us to not be able to find a part.

Can I save money bringing my instrument to you?
Yes!  We work very fast in our shop and welcome you to bring your keyboards to us. You can even transport your large organ to us if you want to... we have enough room for it in our workspace.

Do you sell or rent organs or keyboards?
No, but we do sell parts, hammond oil, tubes, etc.

What is your turnaround time?
That varies from season to season. Sometimes we can get to you within a day. Other times the wait can be up to three weeks. Once we do get to diagnose your instrument, the only thing we have to wait on is your approval or perhaps an ordered part. Parts are sometimes backordered, or have to come from overseas, when things are running "normally," a part comes within a week.

Do you offer rush service?
No, but we will go out of our way to meet your needs on a regular basis. This includes working on some evenings, weekends, or requesting overnight shipping from our vendors.

Do you work night and weekends?
We don't have any regular evening or weekend hours, but if you absolutley can not meet us during a week day, we'll find a night or weekend to serve you.

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